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RECYCLING magazine
The information source for the recycling industry

10.09.2014 | MARKET
Total waste from UK households dropped 1.8 per cent in 2013
According to the british Department for Environment, Food and rural affairs, the total waste from household in the UK was 21,6 million tonnes. This amounts to 403 kg per person. [more ...]
09.09.2014 | MARKET
ISRI Announces Newest Board Members
Paul Brenner of Brenner Recycling and Scott Miller of Sims Metal Management serve as directors-at-large through the 2016 term. [more ...]
08.09.2014 | COMPANIES
Amut supplies largest recycling plant in Latin America
The bottle-to-bottle recycling plant in Latin America has an hourly net capacity of over 6.000 kg/h, handling 1.5 Billion PET bottles per year. [more ...]
02.09.2014 | COMPANIES
Recylex reduces losses by half
The consolidated sales figures of 220.5 million euro meant an increase of 9 per cent compared with the same period of 2013. [more ...]
01.09.2014 | COMPANIES
6 million euro funding for senor-based waste collection system
Enevo closes $8 million in funding for sensors and analytics that optimize waste management for smart cities. [more ...]
01.09.2014 | MARKET
Conference for electronic recyclers takes place in Singapore
How will electronics recyclers adjust to a recycling marketplace where manufacturers have become the critical drivers of recycling innovation, and regulations are evolving faster than regulations and even technology? Electronics Recycling Asia, November 11 - 14 at the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, aims to answer those questions. [more ...]
29.08.2014 | COMPANIES
Manitou numbers are improving
The company announced an increase of 9 per cent in sales in the first half of 2014. The net income grew from 1.1 million euro in the first half of 2013 to 14.2 million in 2014. [more ...]
28.08.2014 | COMPANIES
Terex launches primary jaw crusher module
The Terex MJ47 is designed for large quarries or contractors that want a stationary type design without the complexity of a normal stick-built plant. [more ...]
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RECYCLING magazine profile

The RECYCLING magazine reports on the latest developments in the field of recycling and waste management, regarding economy, politics and technology. The editorial staff examines each of the various groups of materials and likewise analyses events in the worlds of business, politics and technology. The main focus is placed on the readers’ need for information – for compact, thoroughly researched articles with a high degree of practical benefit. The reporting is amply accompanied by a comprehensive range of information online.

The target group of the RECYCLING magazine includes market participants and decision makers from the entire recycling and waste disposal industry as well as lawyers, politicians and employees of public authorities and scientific establishments.

RECYCLING magazine is published 3-4 times a year and can be subscribed in our online shop.

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Too valuable for landfilling: Recovering of iron, non-ferrous and precious metals from rust slag

High-tech on the plain: A recycling centre for electronics and cooling units in Hungary

Recovery of indium: How to recover strategic metals from thin film solar cells economically

Big boys’ blocks: Using concrete blocks for constructing stockpile bays and bunds

Paradigm shift in the UK: From landfill to energy-from-waste in twenty years

In the metal distillery: Making high-grade metals and oils out of hazardous waste

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04/2014 - Topics:

Ifat preview: What you can expect at the industry‘s largest trade show

Trade fair: The Middle East & Waste Recycling brings together the region‘s experts

Mind the gap: The UK needs to invest large amounts of money to get rid of their landfill

Accident prevention: When it comes to trucks, cyclists are moving into the dangerzone

Putting waste to good use: ESA takes care of the UKs waste management industry‘s interests

Very british: The Scottish Shanks Group covers a lot of waste in a lot of countries

Shredding for cash: Technology for secondary shredding in Mechanical Biological Treatment

On stranger tides: The EU is trying to improve the conditions for shipbreaking

After the crisis? An insight into Europes‘ recycling businesses

Saving gold from landfills: Getting non-ferrous metals out of automobile scrap and electronic equipment

Somewhere beyond the sea: Trying to find viable ways to recycle raw materials

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